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Want a light but don't know where to put it?  Check out some fun ideas here.

Make nighttime easier. With Lily's Lights mom's and babies can easily see for diaper changes and feedings without the harsh glow of a lamp. Fall back to sleep quickly with our soft glowing lights.

Use our lights as fun pieces of bathroom decor. Not only is it useful at night, but blends in as a piece of wall decor during the day.

Add our lights to kid's rooms, hallways, and living rooms. Our lights emit stunning, whimsical light that can be enjoyed by all at night.

Every Lily's Lights night light comes gift wrapped. Think of these lights for the next baby shower gift you need.

All Lily's lights are equipped with a long lasting, safe, LED plugin light.

Give a gift that they can use all year long, every day. Kids will love their new night time buddy and mom's will rave about being able to easily see during midnight feedings.

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