I am excited to announce that last week, we finally got to make our first donation! 

  When my sister and I decided to start donating night lights at the beginning of January, I was suddenly afraid we wouldn't get enough sales to be able to donate anything by the end of March.  How awful would that have been?  But I was excited (and a little relieved) to have gotten enough sales to donate a night light to every kid in Agape Family Foster Services.  To put that into scope, Agape covers all of Northern, CA.  How amazing is that?

  When I was talking with one of the staff members at Agape, she mentioned that this type of donation was unique and more personal than a cash donation.  That our night lights could help their foster kids fall asleep at night.  Night time can be scary for these kids.  Very real horrors have happened at night.  Our night lights can be a friend that they can hold onto during their journey of healing, and hopefully, a better life.  

  I am looking forward to donating again soon.  Look out for an update for who were are partnering with next.  I am very excited about it!